System Recovery
for AIX Users

The Smit driven main menu of Cristie SysBack on an AIX 7.1 system

SysBack Data Sheet

SysBack Data sheet

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SysBack Forum

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SysBack Documentation

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Simple but powerful Backup and Recovery for AIX

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SysBack provides a comprehensive system backup, restore and re-installation method for AIX systems

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SysBack creates a backup of your entire AIX system, or a subset of your system, as well as the data files and databases that you specify

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SysBack provides the ability to install one system installation image to another system with either identical or different hardware configurations

Key features & benefits for AIX users

Pricing and support

SysBack is sold globally by Cristie Software and its channel partners and is available for both perpetual and subscription based licensing. For pricing, contact

Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect (Tivoli Storage Manager) user? SysBack also allows you to backup and recover your systems directly to/from IBM Spectrum Protect

Well Established

Over 25 years of development help ensure SysBack is a mature, reliable and well established product used by AIX admins worldwide to protect their systems

SMIT Integration

SysBack can be operated from the command line or a SMIT driven interface.

Contact the Cristie Software team for more information

Whatever your replication and data recovery needs, we are here to help.